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The submissions window for Volume 54 has been closed for the semester. Thank you to all authors who have submitted. We will be opening our submission window again later this year.

Apr 22 2021

ILJ Spring Symposium

The Cornell International Law Journal is pleased to announce the date and time for our virtual Spring Symposium: Black Lives Matter as a Human Rights Issue. When: Wednesday, April 28, 2021 from 11:00AM-12:30 PM EST

Apr 22 2021

Sovereign Immunity & Covid-19: China’s Immunity Under the Fsia from Federal Covid-19 Lawsuits

Ishan Shivakumar

Many states have filed lawsuits against the People’s Republic of China in U.S. Federal Courts for allowing coronavirus to spread and for the ensuing consequences. At present, international law and the American SovereignImmunity statute bar such lawsuits against China. Only an amendment to the federal statute that creates an exception for recovery against China for…

Apr 2021

The Seesaw Exercise of Immunity Obligations Under International (Criminal) Law Outside the “Security Council Route”

Vedantha Sai & Winy Daigavane

The International Criminal Court can exercise jurisdiction over Heads of States (“HoS”) that are not party to the Rome Statute provided the alleged offenses are committed in State party territory. However, the problem arises in the enforcement of such jurisdiction as it involves State-to-State interactions in the process of arrest and surrender of the HoS,…

Jan 2021

Defamation in International Law: The Legal Implications of Trump Calling COVID-19 “Chinese Virus”

Geeta Moni & Raghav Srinivas

On March th 2020, President Donald Trump retweeted a tweet referring to the COVID-19 virus as “Chinese Virus.” This sparked a massive, worldwide response both for and against the term. It has led to the increased use of “#Chinesevirus“ on Twitter and sparked significant anti-China sentiments. It has not only affected US-China trade relations but…

Nov 2020